Bitgreen exists to solve the funding gap in sustainability.

Our values



We believe in honesty, transparency, and behaving with an uncompromising faith in doing the right thing.


We choose to do the hard things in the face of difficulty, even when uncertainty and doubt arise.


We seek excellence in ourselves, our relationships, and in the technologies we use for a higher purpose.

We seek to support the following impact areas


Satellite and drone remote forest sensing

energy grid

Energy grid and demand response


Sustainable agriculture

Chain of custody

Chain of custody – supply chain, recycling


Community activation and volunteerism

corporate esg

Corporate ESG


Well-being, preventative health, quantified self


Food Integrity

Ministry for the Future is The Fountainhead for the 21st Century. It is the book that inspired Bitgreen and will galvanize a generation of green entrepreneurs.

Ministry for the Future book cover

The Team

adam carver


Adam Carver

Adam was Cofounder and Managing Director of The Fund, Director at AngelList, and Corporate Credit at Morgan Stanley. He holds an MS in Sustainable Systems from the University of Michigan.

dennis reichelt


Dennis Reichelt

Dennis is a 15-year veteran of computational programming and formerly worked in meteorology prior to entering crypto in 2017. He holds a B.S. in Information Technology from University of Goethe.

jeff truitt

General Counsel

Jeff Truitt

A graduate of US Naval Academy and University of Chicago, Jeff served as a submarine officer, securities lawyer, and Chief Legal Officer to Securrency, and led Rise Against Hunger as Board Chair.

gilad goren

Cofounder, Partnerships

Gilad Goren

Gilad previously founded two sustainable enterprise startups, Raleigh & Drake and Only Six Degrees. He holds an Executive MSc Social Business & Entrepreneurship from the London School of Economics.

alexandra heller

Marketing Director

Alexandra Heller

Alexandra served as Head of Marketing at Parity Technologies where she worked on Polkadot, Substrate, and Kusama. As Crypto Philanthropy Club founder, she promotes philanthropy in crypto.


Arnaud Ventura


Arnaud Ventura

Arnaud is a forebearer in microfinance and the global financial inclusion sector. He founded Baobab and Planet Finance, and is Managing Partner at Gojo & Co., Founder of Share Africa, and Senior Advisor at Binance.

Ricardo Bayon


Ricardo Bayon

Author of the book Voluntary Carbon Markets, Ricardo is cofounder of EKO Asset Management and Encourage Capital. He has served as advisor to IUCN, the IFC and The Nature Conservancy.

Jenny Fielding


Jenny Fielding

Jenny is Cofounder and Managing Director of The Fund and Adjunct Professor at Columbia University. Her previous roles include Managing Director at Techstars and Head of Digital Ventures BBC.

Dorjee Sun


Dorjee Sun

Dorjee is an investor, social entrepreneur, and Director of Carbon Conservation. TIME recognized Dorjee as a Hero of the Environment and was named one of Esquire Magazine’s 5 Gentlemen of Philanthropy.


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