Investing in the Green Economy

  • Carbon credits
  • Renewable energy
  • Tax equity
  • Impact investing
  • Philanthropy
  • Sustainability

Bitgreen is an innovation platform that builds solutions for sustainability, impact and decarbonization.

Eclipse lines patterned shape
Eclipse lines patterned shape

Our goal is to facilitate $1 trillion into sustainability projects in 10 years.

We work with

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Scalable products that make a difference

Change is on the rise -- along with global temperatures, environmental regulation, and energy transition. Bitgreen exists to help organizations realign to these realities by using artificial intelligence for drawing deep insights and offering a custom-built blockchain to serve ESG initiatives.

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Exploring new possibilities with AI

We innovate upstream with machine learning and natural language processing to develop tools that will revolutionize carbon credit markets. A few of our primary goals include enhanced quality assurance for purchasers, reduced time to market for project developers, and a greater allocation of benefits for sponsoring conservation communities.

Bitgreen’s leadership

Adam Carver


Adam has 15 years experience in startups and traditional finance. He entered blockchain in 2018 from AngelList. Previous to that, he worked at Mesa Ventures and Morgan Stanley in Structured Finance. He holds an MS in Sustainable Systems from University of Michigan.

Dennis Reichelt


Dennis is a 15-year veteran of computational programming and has served as lead developer and architect. For six years he worked in meteorology programming prior to entering blockchain in 2017. He specializes in DeFi and holds a technical degree from Goethe University.

Tiff Potter

Chief Carbon Officer

Prior to joining Bitgreen, Tiffany was Head of Origination – Americas at Viridios Capital. Prior to this, she served as Senior business development manager at SustainCERT, the sister organization of Gold Standard Foundation. She has over 15 years of carbon finance experience.

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