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Carbon Market Products and Services offered by Bitgreen

Tokenizing Credits

Use Bitgreen’s proprietary "token bridge" to create a digital representation of a real-world asset on a blockchain. Tokenizing carbon credits results in greater transparency, liquidity, faster settlement times, and reduces costs.

Case study

In 2023, Bitgreen was selected as a blockchain partner for Gold Standard’s upcoming Readiness Phase for new digital assets. In practice, this means that a Gold Standard carbon token on Bitgreen embodies the same attributes, rights, and privileges as its off-chain counterpart. When the Bitgreen token is bought, transferred or retired, the activity occurs concurrently and automatically to the real-world credit for double-accounting purposes.

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Corporate Solutions

Bitgreen works with institutions to help identify and satisfy each organization’s unique demand for carbon offsetting. In this relationship, we assist to identify the acute need and options for participating in carbon markets. Our services include sourcing high quality carbon credits, managing documentation, credit transfer, reporting, and retirement.

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Bitgreen can lower transaction costs. Our approach is high-touch, customer-centric, comparative, and scalable.

Project Finance

Bitgreen works with project developers to organize catalytic financing for shovel-ready projects. Developers must pass a high bar for qualification and provide relevant due diligence materials along with an executable plan for bringing their carbon, land tenure or biodiversity project to fruition.

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Project Developers can save consulting fees when scoping a carbon project for feasibility and access funding from our network of impact investors.

Blockchain Carbon Auditing

Use Bitgreen’s auditing methodology to assess the amount of energy your blockchain network uses in real-time. Our tool reflects energy consumption for Proof of Stake networks, their corresponding carbon footprint, and amount of offset required. A separate module can automatically source tokenized carbon credits directly from Bitgreen’s Carbon Marketplace.

Case study

Bitgreen developed from scratch an initiative to measure and monitor the real-time carbon footprint of the combined Polkadot and Kusama blockchain networks and all participating network parachains. The output consisted of an open-sourced methodology for measurement and a public dashboard. The project won a $200,000 research grant from the Web3 Foundation.

Royalty "Return"

Tokenization enables new innovations that are simply impossible off-chain. One of those ideas is a royalty "return" to communities. It involves designating a fee on each secondary carbon trade returned to the Project Developer, Community or Indigenous Group who originated the project.

Portfolios, Reservations, Bundles and Diversification

Bitgreen facilitates project-specific credit purchasing as well as portfolio construction of bespoke bundles. Buyers can purchasecarbon credits via the Bitgreen wallet, on Polygon using Open Wallet or Metamask, or with a major credit card using Stripe Checkout.

Secure and transparent infrastructure to serve the needs of institutions

Find, acquire, and retire verified credits

Carbon projects are carefully curated that will produce verifiable emission reductions and certified social and environmental impacts.

Custom software for proving ownership and retirement

Custom software aids in bridging carbon credits to blockchain to improve traceability to eliminate double claiming.

Automated price engine and dynamic comparability across credit type, rating, issuer and vintage

Our platform enables users to compare carbon credit offerings related to a variety of factors.

Purchase individual project credits or create custom bundles

Credit buyers can buy, hold, or retire carbon offsets directly from the platform.

Why Work with Bitgreen?

Bitgreen is a leader in delivering specially designed and customized data solutions for sustainability markets. We center our products on accountability, access, and integrity. Contact us to learn how our platform compares for compatibility and climate proaction in your portfolio.

High Integrity

Transparent and Traceable

Superior Technology, Lower Cost

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Exploring new possibilities with AI

We innovate upstream with machine learning and natural language processing to develop tools that will revolutionize carbon credit markets. A few of our primary goals include enhanced quality assurance for purchasers, reduced time to market for project developers, and a greater allocation of benefits for sponsoring conservation communities.

Simplifying the process for Project Developers

Our platform lays out the basic steps needed to begin feasibility and scoping of a carbon project and enables a project developer to begin filling out key certification design templates for a variety of carbon standards.

Bitgreen’s leadership in Carbon

Tiff Potter

Chief Carbon Officer

Tiffany serves as Bitgreen’s Chief Carbon Officer. Prior to joining Bitgreen, Tiffany was Head of Origination – Americas at Viridios Capital. Before Viridios, Tiffany served as Senior business development manager at SustainCERT, the sister organization to Gold Standard Foundation. Her works draws on 15 years of carbon finance experience with publicly traded companies, small business, native communities and non-profit organizations.

Compliance is in our DNA.

Our platform strives to enable buyers and sellers of carbon credits to create, buy, or retire high integrity carbon credits in a manner that increases transparency, traceability, and reduces headline risks.

Thought-leadership and in-the-news

Bitgreen Welcomes Tiffany Potter as Chief Carbon Officer!

We are thrilled to share a momentous announcement that has set our community and network abuzz with excitement.

Bitgreen Selected as Blockchain Partner for Gold Standard Readiness Phase

Bitgreen is proud to announce our selection as a blockchain partner for Gold Standard’s upcoming Readiness Phase for new digital assets.

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