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Syndicating Clean Energy Project Finance

Private Equity has been the principal source of capital to finance clean energy development in the US.

For 30 years, it was inaccessible.

That’s changing.

Find, Research, and Invest in US domestic renewable projects and tax credits


C corporations and taxpayers with passive income from leasing activities, such as real estate, can offset up to 75% of their tax liability through the use of clean energy tax credits.


Sellers submit their project to Bitgreen to be featured on our platform as an investment opportunity and connect with investors.

Workflow management and Digital Data Rooms

Enhanced Market Connectivity

Bitgreen not only connects clean energy developers with investors but also provides a robust and comprehensive platform for networking data, policy-makers, technology providers and end users.

Advanced Analytical Tools

Make better and faster investment decisions by leveraging data procurement on Bitgreen and cutting-edge analytics using AI, all verified with distributed ledger.

Maximize Return on Investment

We offer customizable tax credit transfer and tax equity partnerships combined with other financial services that cater to the unique needs of each individual investor and developer.

Superior technology, lower costs

Streamlined workflow management

The 2022 Inflation Reduction Act created $400B in tax credit assistance for clean energy and carbon sequestration.

Coupled with tax credit transferability, there is now a clear mechanism for private market participants to materially reduce their US tax liability by investing in America’s energy transition.

Why Work with Bitgreen?

Bitgreen is a leader in delivering specially designed and customized data solutions for sustainability markets. We center our products on accountability, access, and integrity. Contact us to learn how our platform compares for compatibility and climate proaction in your portfolio.

High Integrity

Transparent and Traceable

Superior Technology, Lower Cost

Compliance is in our DNA.

Bitgreen’s sustainability products have been designed and executed to comply with US Federal and State regulation to achieve our inspirational goal to drive capital to and develop opportunities in domestic clean tech innovation.

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