Investment Tax Credits for Renewable Energy

Launching Q3 2023

The first tax credit transferability platform on blockchain

Syndicating Tax Equity and Tax Credit Finance

Investment Tax Credits (ITC) are the principal stimulus used by Federal and State governments to catalyze clean infrastructure and tech investment in the US.

For 30 years, it was inaccessible.

That’s about to change.

Find, purchase, and claim dollar-for-dollar offsets against your US tax liability


Many US taxpayers qualify to offset a portion of their tax liability, especially C Corps and workers in green tech. Bitgreen helps you understand your eligibility, then capture tax credit opportunities compliantly and efficiently.


Submit your project to Bitgreen for an analysis whether the project qualifies to generate Investment Tax Credits. Then register the right to transfer the credit using the free Bitgreen ITC Bridge and offer it to qualified buyers.

Introducing the ‘Right’ Token

The first transfer and re-transfer right to claim the ITC

The Right Token extends tax credit transferability to create new market efficiencies around price discovery, risk attribution, and liquidity for Sponsors and Investors.

Activates risk capital while maintaining one-time transfer

ITC Bridge harnesses blockchain tokenization to achieve a digital representation of the legal right to claim the ITC and ensure preservation of its one-time transferability.

Online transparent registry and automated filing

Using the same ledger as the Bitgreen Carbon Platform, ITC Bridge and ITC Right connect to a transparent, tamper-proof registry and provide real-time auditable reporting on transfers, claims, payments and retirements.

Publicly auditable and transparent blockchain registry

Efficient price discovery in a low cost environment

The 2022 Inflation Reduction Act created $400B in tax credit assistance for clean energy and carbon sequestration.

Coupled with tax credit transferability, there is now a clear mechanism for private market participants to materially reduce their US tax liability by investing in America’s energy transition.

Differentiated by Blockchain

The Bitgreen Blockchain is specially designed to deliver accountability, access, and integrity to blockchain carbon markets. Contact us to learn how our platform compares for cost, compatibility and climate proactivity.

Verifiable and Auditable

Transparent and Traceable

Low-Cost and Creative

Compliance is in our DNA.

Bitgreen’s ITC Right and ITC Bridge products have been designed and executed to comply with US Federal and State regulation and to enhance the Inflation Reduction Act’s inspirational goal to drive capital to and opportunity in domestic clean tech innovation.

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