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Through Deel and Bitgreen, C Corps can slash their tax liability by 10-20%

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A major development in the US corporate tax code is at your fingertips.

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This change is seldom known by CFOs and accounting firms because of its novelty, but thanks to Deel, its clients now have direct access.

As of June 2023, C corporations are permitted to offset up to 75% of their federal tax liability by using the Inflation Reduction Act and supporting clean, renewable energy.

So how does it work?

An example transaction may look like:

  1. C corporation has $10 million in federal tax liability
  2. Using the IRA, it purchases $9 million in clean energy tax credits
  3. Then, offsets $10 million in tax liability netting an 11.11% ROI
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Why Bitgreen?

Bitgreen is a leader in delivering specially designed and customized data solutions for sustainability markets. We center our products on accountability, access, and integrity.


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